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What's New
*2006-Dec-30 19:54+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Out Side of Media - Keanu Reeves

*2006-Dec-24 23:55+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Aint it Cool News :Cast Their SPEED RACER?!

*2006-Dec-19 0:20+ 09:00(JST)

    Keanu Reeves is Back on the Market!
    A source spotted Keanu in Miami chatting up a cheesy blonde. “A hot blonde pulled up in a red Porsche turbo Cabriolet, and he started chatting her up. “Her cheesy license plate read ‘NEW 007,’ and Keanu got her number before heading inside to sit with his friends.”

*2006-Dec-6 1:9+ 09:00(JST)

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Keanu Reeves, I Wonder If He Was Wasted?
    Thanks head up Keanuweb!!

*2006-Nov-26 22:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Japan flyers have been added to Scanner Darkly.

*2006-Nov-23 9:56+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu's Duck & Dash

*2006-Nov-22 1:38+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Lauren Shuler Donner on Wolverine, Constantine, Magneto and X-Men!
  2. Keanu Confirmed For Constantine 2

*2006-Nov-7 0:49+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Academy unveils animated film finalists

*2006-Nov-6 23:4+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Thursday, November 02, 2006
    Star Sighting: Today, 3:30 EST, HT--friend of DUAS--saw Keanu Reeves walking on the north side of 14th street, midway between 5th and 6th Avenue. He was with a brunette-bobbed babe. Keanu wore a black turtleneck and a brown corduroy blazer with jeans (HT thinks they were jeans and doesn't want to be labeled a Star Whore for noticing). Furthermore, he thinks Keanu had his hands in his jeans pockets and was possibly breathing oxygen through his mouth and nose. Bottom line: Keanu was in Manhattan today.

*2006-Nov-6 1:39+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Matrix Meets Speed Racer!

*2006-Oct-25 23:36+ 09:00(JST)

    In the Zone:Keanu is Not Homeless ... He Only Looks Like it

*2006-Oct-18 0:24+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Overheard Celebrity Peer Evaluations: Keanu Questions Jack's Motivation

*2006-Oct-6 21:45+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Hollywood Movie Award

*2006-Oct-4 21:38+ 09:00(JST)

  1. eXtraTV:Are Keanu and Lindsay Hooking Up?

*2006-Sep-20 21:27+ 09:00(JST)

  1. CinemaToday:Inerview with Snadra
    Thanks yukarin!!
  2. Press Conference photos
    Thanks lucky777_sw!!

*2006-Sep-19 0:38+ 09:00(JST)

  1. MSN:The Lake house premire and press conference photos

*2006-Sep-13 22:52+ 09:00(JST)

  1. HelmetWatch Special Edition: Keanu Reappears At ArcLight In Protective Headgear

*2006-Sep-7 23:16+ 09:00(JST)

    keanu and Sandra's interview and 2 amazing photos.

  2. The Sun Online:Keanu looks after pennies

*2006-Sep-2 23:16+ 09:00(JST)

  1. WireImage:keanu arrived at Narita Intenational Air port on 2nd September.

*2006-Aug-29 23:21+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Teen Choice Awards

*2006-Aug-29 1:31+ 09:00(JST)

  1. PRWeb:Pristine Power Rolls Out the Green Carpet for 'The Great Warming'

*2006-Aug-25 0:27+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu on the cover!!-TV taro October 2006 issue,illusterated by Haruo Takino

*2006-Aug-22 1:15+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Hello MagazineSandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves won the award for best onscreen kiss

*2006-Aug-21 0:53+ 09:00(JST)

  1. FOX:Keanu and Sandy will attend at Teen Choice Award(on 20th August)

*2006-Aug-20 22:45+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Netribution:KEANU REEVES gets animated about A Scanner Darkly

*2006-Aug-17 1:53+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Winona has the hots for Keanu

*2006-Aug-11 11:19+ 09:00(JST)

  1. always seems to endure

*2006-Aug-9 23:3+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Sun:Keanu needs style guru

*2006-Jul-29 9:23+ 09:00(JST)

  1. me up, Keanu
    Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves is hoping he can land a role in the upcoming big screen version of Star Trek. ' I did the Matrix and loved it - but as a sci-fi buff you really need to have a crack at the star ship Enterprise, so fingers crossed.'

*2006-Jul-27 23:25+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Age:How Sandra succumbed

*2006-Jul-24 23:46+ 09:00(JST)

  1.'s Bed For Sale
  2.'s philosophy of life

*2006-Jul-12 1:45+ 09:00(JST)

  2. Robert Downey Jr. Talks A Scanner Darkly and David Fincher's Zodiac

*2006-Jul-7 0:32+ 09:00(JST)

  1. MTV:New Keanu/ Winona Flick Has Philip K. Dick Fans Excited, Anxious

*2006-Jul-3 0:8+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Animation brings life to 'Scanner Darkly'
  2. Drawn together
  3. Drawn together
  4. THE CULTUREPULP Q&A: Richard Linklater
  5. A very private Keanu Reeves, a very triumphant Ellen Marfil
  6. Keanu & Winona 'Scan' the Red Carpet!

*2006-Jun-27 1:12+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Reunion for Reeves, Bullock

*2006-Jun-25 14:16+ 09:00(JST)

  2. Festival promises to be the best ever
    Keanu Reeves to Penelope Cruz are set to get their new films premiered in the city next month as the annual Cambridge Film Festival kicks off
  3. Keanu Reeves Loving the Worldcup

*2006-Jun-22 22:28+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Some news items has been added to News page

*2006-Jun-13 1:7+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves: on a new path to settling down
  2. Wanted: a wife for Keanu Reeves
  3. Keanu Reeves Talks About His Tragic Life
  4. Reeves: 'I Want to Get Married'

*2006-Jun-8 0:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Becky's CD is now availerble on Rob for your informing us!1)
    hi everyone.

    this is an early song by becky called ''one thing'', recorded a few years ago at the jungle room in los angeles. its a solid punky number with a great guest bass performance by keanu reeves. mr sawchuck provides all the strings, rob all the drum work. its a good example of the old dogstar rhythm section at work. rob and reeves had already played togeather for over 10 years. ''one thing'' was one of our favs and we always closed out our shows with it with the old line up. our gift to you. thanks again for all the support, becky.

    get the new becky cd,''take it on the chin'', available now!!

*2006-Jun-5 2:17+ 09:00(JST)

  1. the Future :Sandra Bullok
  2. WireImage -Search Keanu

*2006-Jun-2 5:16+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Jim Carrey And Spike Lee Scoring Big Honors At MTV Movie Awards
  2. Amazing Keanu(The Lake House interviw **Spoilers!!**)

*2006-May-31 2:41+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu in Cannes!

*2006-May-28 13:38+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Scanner Darkly paints its stars into a paranoid corner
  2. Keanu and Robert get animated in Cannes
  3. Power Plays
  4. Downey, Reeves relate to drug abuse

*2006-May-16 1:41+ 09:00(JST)

  1. 'Scanning' the Darkness of our War on Drugs

*2006-May-5 9:48+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Silver Surfer joins Fantastic Four

*2006-May-4 11:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves team up again

*2006-May-2 11:56+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Chris Klein's Keanu confusion

*2006-May-1 22:11+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Scanner Darkly Official site has been updated!It's so cool!
  2. Filmography - The Lake house has been updated.
  3. Filmography - A Scanner Darkly has been updated.

*2006-Apr-27 0:53+ 09:00(JST)

    Scanner Darkly offcial Site has been opened.

*2006-Apr-26 0:24+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Book Review: The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson
    The payoff is tremendous, and there are standout episodes that hint that the fundamentalists know how to work American decadence?as when one terrorist recruits a patsy by telling him that it`s all part of an audition for reality TV. Well done throughout, and sure to be noticed. After all, Keanu Reeves has already expressed interest in playing Wells.

*2006-Apr-23 2:17+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Official Site has been added to Filmography page.

*2006-Apr-23 2:3+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Majority of Cannes Entries Going Against the Playbook

*2006-Apr-13 0:16+ 09:00(JST)

  1. People:Star Tracks

*2006-Apr-2 13:16+ 09:00(JST)

    Hello : Vote:MostAttractive Man

*2006-Mar-26 2:42+ 09:00(JST)

  2. Radiohead Pen Keanu Reeves Movie
  3. Keanu Reeves: Some Women Like to Be Beaten

*2006-Mar-18 11:32+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Anime and Animation at the New York's New Comic-Con
  2. 'Speed 3' for Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock?

*2006-Mar-16 10:18+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Manson and Reeves to star together

*2006-Mar-9 0:36+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Scanner Darkly Character Posters

*2006-Mar-7 21:43+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Wired:Academy Award
  2. 060305_sw010.jpg

*2006-Mar-7 20:46+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Dear Oscar Diary

*2006-Mar-7 2:0+ 09:00(JST)

  1. 6. Why were Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves holding hands on the red carpet?
    One word: publicity. The Speed costars have a new movie coming out in June called The Lake House. Not to mention that they're friends, having kept in touch all these years. Additionally, Sandra and her husband, Jesse James, aren't big on the red carpet PDA photo ops. So Sandy walked the carpet with Keanu, then met Jesse later at the Vanity Fair party.

*2006-Feb-22 1:56+ 09:00(JST)

  1. AintitCoolNews:The Coming of GALACTUS?

*2006-Feb-19 9:17+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu, Mariah and Frankie - Oh My!
  2. New trailer for A Scanner Darkly online!

*2006-Feb-15 21:33+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Manson sells wedding snaps to Vogue

*2006-Feb-12 23:23+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Play Boy
    Acording to KeanuA-Z,Playboy April issue will have Keanu's Interview.(Thanks!!)

*2006-Feb-8 23:5+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Local stylist at Oscars

*2006-Feb-6 0:10+ 09:00(JST)


*2006-Jan-23 1:7+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Jam! Showbiz:Jada Pinkett Smith in metal band - Jam! Showbiz
  2. Concert review: Actress Pinkett plunges into the heavy metal fray
  3. Just Jared : Keanu with Girlfriend on 18th Jan.(Thanks for head up,Keanuweb)
    Keanu Reeves takes his girfriend (name?) for a spin on hismotorcycle yesterday in Palm Springs. They catch lunchtogether at Italian restaurant Toscana (491 North PalmCanyon Drive). More Keanu Reeves pictures (3x).
  4. New Project on head up! M)
    According to, Keanu is planned to be in 2 projects.One is called "Chef" and another is "Shibumi".But they does not seem to be confirmed.

*2006-Jan-20 0:44+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Scanning in July

*2006-Jan-18 23:6+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Axl Rose Breaks His Silence
    His favorite book is Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly. "I was a little scared when I saw they were making it into a movie starring Keanu [Reeves]," he says. "But I guess if he can handle The Matrix, he can do this."

*2006-Jan-16 22:16+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Strokes Rock Low-Key Troubadour
    We all packed ourselves like sardines in a crushed tin can into the Troubadour’s pit. Looking up at the balcony, someone in front of me asked:

    “Hey, is that Neo?”

    “Yeah, that’s Keanu [Reeves]. He kind of looks like a bum.”

*2006-Jan-9 13:21+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Strokes Play Small NY Gig
  2. Film fest gala a hit
  3. Stars shine on gala

*2006-Jan-6 12:50+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Film festival opens tonight with 'The New World'
  2. Star Wars III tops 2005's movie goof-ups list

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