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What's New
*2007-Dec-31 15:56+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Top 10 movies to look forward to in 2008

*2007-Dec-25 0:43+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves Spends Time With His God-Daughter
  2. Keanu Reeves: Tacos Reloaded

*2007-Dec-22 0:19+ 09:00(JST)

  2. cinemaBlend:Jon Hamm Stands Still

*2007-Dec-13 0:58+ 09:00(JST)

  1. ON OPENING NIGHT: The Seafarer ・The Blind and the Blind-Drunk
    Rothman was reeling from a very good day of job offers: "I was asked to do a play at the Michael Weller Theatre called Tender. It won a 2001 Olivier and has never been done here. Kevin O'Rourke, the actor, will direct. I also got a movie today. They're remaking 'The Day the Earth Stood Still,' with Keanu Reeves and Kathy Bates. I'm a doctor."

*2007-Dec-5 22:3+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Downtown stroll for Keanu

*2007-Dec-4 0:41+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu is a Bird Lover

*2007-Nov-30 16:10+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Francis Lawrence Would Do Constantine 2

*2007-Nov-19 10:12+ 09:00(JST)


*2007-Nov-23 10:5+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Pullen Upwards

*2007-Nov-10 22:34+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Throws Back a Few

*2007-Nov-11 12:26+ 09:00(JST)

  1. There must be a dancing curse

*2007-Nov-11 8:20+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves Dines At Il Sole

*2007-Nov-3 16:5+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Reeves Dating Director's Daughter?

*2007-Nov-2 22:51+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Point Break 2 To Begin Filming Next Year

*2007-Oct-14 01:2+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Updated Pre-Strike Priority List!
    In September, posted a list of projects the studios were making a priority before the possible Writers Guild, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild strikes. We've now received an updated list which you can view below. The list includes the projected start of production for each film. If no date is listed, it is hopeful to go pre-strike:

*2007-Oct-8 20:51+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Reeves sighting at Yu Yuan

*2007-Oct-8 9:0+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Chinese whispers from Keanu Reeves (and a Kung Fu master)
  2. Will the F1 Chinese Grand Prix be a wet one?
  3. Keanu Reeves on 5th Oct

*2007-Oct-2 20:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. What Does Pink, Keanu and Brody Jenner All have in Common? 
    What does Pink, Keanu and Brody Jenner all have in common? They all love to ride motorcycles, silly! Did you know that Pink told our photogs that this was only her second time riding a motorbike? That's crazy! She's married to Carey Hart, the motorcross star. We also caught up with actor Keanu Reeves and reality TV star, Brody Jenner on hogs. Sexy, sexy.

*2007-Sep-27 21:29+ 09:00(JST)

  1. "Earth" Stands Still Much Later 
    20th Century Fox's Keanu Reeves-led remake of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" has been delayed from May 9th 2008 to December 12th 2008.

*2007-Sep-19 19:53+ 09:00(JST)

  1. privacywatch keanu reeves salma hayek luke wilson sightings
    I was working my shift at the Hooters of Hollywood on 9/14 when I saw Keanu Reeves with a lanky male friend. Keanu was flirting with his waitress, a hot brunette. Looked like they exchanged numbers on napkins

*2007-Sep-13 21:11+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Wendy Wayrad:Keanu Reeves Spotted Purchasing Orange Gatorade At A Liquor Store
  2. Time Out:Southern Hospitality + Johnny Utah’s

*2007-Sep-12 19:22+ 09:00(JST)

  1. CRABBIE'S ALL-STARS:Keanu Reeves Coming Out Of A Liquor Store

*2007-Sep-11 20:22+ 09:00(JST)

  1. POPSUGAR:Keanu's Career Is Definitely Not Standing Still

*2007-Aug-28 0:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Zap2it'The Earth Stood Still' for Keanu Reeves
  2. Reeves to ‘Stand Still
  3. IGN:Keanu Stands Still
  4. BARADA... WHOA!

*2007-Aug-15 0:30+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Entertainment Wise:K-Fed Sacked From Keanu Reeves Film Role
  2. HolyMoly:Kevin Federline turns up for filming, isn't in the cast

*2007-Jul-27 1:7+ 09:00(JST)

    Keanu will not be starred in the film.Billy Crudup will play Dr. Manhattan

*2007-Jul-19 0:21+ 09:00(JST)

  1. News: Barbara Boxer, Ivri Lider, Mike Gravel, Keanu Reeves

*2007-Jul-14 12:8+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Splash NewsKeanu Works It On Set!
  2. keanu reeves the night watchman 02
  3. New Bill and Ted Adventure Movie will NOT Star Keanu Reeves or Alex Winter

*2007-Jul-8 8:53+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu will be in "Hanuman" ?
    Aseem Merchant plays Laxman to Keanu Reeves' Rama
    Keanu Reeves as lord Rama, Kevin Costner as Ravana

*2007-Jul-6 0:3+ 09:00(JST)

  1. HelloMagazin:Keanu springs back into action in LA
  2. BuddyTV:House Hugh Laurie,Meet Hollywood

*2007-Jun-28 23:51+ 09:00(JST)

  1. SMH:Audience testing can destroy a movie, but can also make it, writes Clive Hopkins.

*2007-Jun-24 20:55+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves on set of new movie

*2007-Jun-19 21:35+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Shilpa redefined as international Sita

*2007-Jun-18 1:15+ 09:00(JST)

  1. No Watchmen for Keanu, but maybe for Cusack

*2007-Jun-11 21:47+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Movieweb:Amaury Nolasco Joins Night Watch
  2. Kirstin Pierce ("Studio 60") has joined to Night Watch

*2007-Jun-10 14:53+ 09:00(JST)

  1. K-Fed Not Cast In Keanu Flick

*2007-Jun-10 8:56+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves Loves His Fans!
    While Keanu Reeves was trying to have lunch with a lady friend, every 5 minutes a fan would approach Keanu and ask him for an autograph! Keanu got up about six times within thirty minutes of trying to have lunch on Wilshire blvd., just to please his every fan!

*2007-Jun-7 23:57+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Hot Again? 
    Keanu Reeves took time from his busy schedule of sleeping under benches and not shaving to pose with fans while he had lunch in Beverly Hills with a friend. Does Keanu actually look shaved and bathed? Is he getting the hot back? Is this too good to be true?

*2007-Jun-6 21:51+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu in "Night Watch"set.
    Keanu Reeves Rocks ‘Night Watch’

*2007-May-30 22:28+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Federline to star opposite Keanu Reeves

*2007-May-24 1:33+ 09:00(JST) Reeves and Jude Law Offered 'Watchmen' Roles, Source Says

*2007-May-20 20:7+ 09:00(JST)

  1. IGN:The Ultimate Matrix Collection

*2007-May-19 10:39+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Cinematical:Naomie Harris Joins Keanu Reeves Drama 'Night Watch'

*2007-May-15 21:46+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Asia to host 'Point Break 2'
    Swayze will be dusting off his surf board to play an ex-surfer sent to southeast Asia to track down a criminal gang. Sadly, Keanu Reeves, who co-starred in the original is unlikely to return, according to insiders.

*2007-May-13 20:58+ 09:00(JST)

  1. LATimes:The Shooting Stars

*2007-May-12 13:40+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Guardian:What goes up ...

*2007-May-8 20:1+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Set To Star Opposite Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves In New Film Roles

*2007-May-5 14:12+ 09:00(JST)

    skynews:The Matrix on top

*2007-May-4 16:28+ 09:00(JST)

  1. : The Matrix' Tops Mag's Sci-Fi List

*2007-May-2 0:20+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Evans and Hugh Laurie Join Night Watch

*2007-Apr-28 13:9+ 09:00(JST)

    MovieHole:Johnny Blaze joins the L.A.P.D

*2007-Apr-25 0:30+ 09:00(JST)

  1. ZeeNews:Does Keanu Reeves have a new lady love?

*2007-Apr-16 0:20+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves At Wilshire & Rodeo Dr

*2007-Mar-29 7:4+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Oscar-winner may be joining Reeves in film

*2007-Mar-22 22:3+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Update: Reeves Questioned by Police

*2007-Mar-25 10:31+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu in trouble for car accident

*2007-Mar-19 21:42+ 09:00(JST)

  1. "Parenthood: Special Edition" comes to DVD on April 24

*2007-Mar-18 23:1+ 09:00(JST)

  1. A kind of flyer for DVD sale has been added to Filmography-Thumbsucker

*2007-Mar-18 9:23+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Rotten Tomato:LaBeouf Says "Hey, I'm in the News Again...and What's This About 'Constantine 2'?"

*2007-Mar-17 8:32+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu is Bummed He's Low on the List

*2007-Feb-24 0:28+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves gets gritty for his next flick, Martin Scorsese mulls his next move and more in ET Movie News!

*2007-Feb-19 0:1+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves focuses on sister's cancer treatment in Lausanne
  2. According to Movieweb,"Speed Racer" starts shooting in May.

*2007-Feb-1 19:50+ 09:00(JST)

  1. American Idol Fan Jennifer Aniston Healing Up, Looking for Romance
  2. Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves Secret Date?

*2007-Jan-28 9:23+ 09:00(JST)


*2007-Jan-18 22:28+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Showbiz 7’s: Icons That Have Shaped Red Carpet Jewelry

*2007-Jan-10 20:35+ 09:00(JST)

  1. The Sun:This is really excellent, dudes(Thanks for head up,Keanuweb)

*2007-Jan-4 20:40+ 09:00(JST)

  1. Keanu Reeves Got No Gifts
    Their old articles are here...
    Keanu Reeves has not bathed or changed clothes in 13 weeks!
    Keanu Reeves, something's not right

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