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Going Great(1982)


Darcelle Chan
Megan Follows .... Co host (season 3 only)
Chris Makepeace .... Series Host
Keanu Reeves .... Co-Host (season 3 only)


Quoted from

Going Great won the Children's Broadcast Institute Award in l983 for Best Network Television Program. It starred actor Chris Makepeace in a magazine of features on young people across Canada. He visited and interviewed such people as singers Natalie Simard and Celine Dion, the bat boy for the Montreal Expos, a teenage sheep farmer in Nova Scotia, and actor Jennifer Beals. Going Great was a coproduction of the CBC and Cineworld, Inc.

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Co-produced by the CBC and Cineworld, Going Great was a Canadian magazine show aimed at kids and pre-teens. Hosted by actor Chris Makepeace, the series trafficked heavily in segments featuring "ordinary" people pursuing extraordinary jobs or hobbies, and also celebrity interviews. Ironically, two of the series' "reporters" would later become celebrities in their own right: Megan Follows and Keanu Reeves. The recipient of several industry awards, Going Great was syndicated throughout Canada from 1982 to 1985. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Quoated from Classic Nick

Hosted by Chris Makepeace
Aired on Nick in 1983.

Going Great was a newsmagazine type show that premiered on Nickelodeon in 1983. Hosted by Chris Makepeace, this was the first show Geraldine Laybourne oversaw as president of Nickelodeon. This show focused on kids who did amazing feats, such as a thirteen year old who wrote a bestseller. Despite it's high quality, the show was not successful, and was canned after only thirteen weeks. The reason was that the show depressed kids, who wanted to see shows about what kids normally do, not things that they themselves had never done. When it was released, it seemed like a surefire hit, and Laybourne talked about it for years to represent how unpredictable kids really are.

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