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Sweet November (2000)

Sweet November

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Directed by Pat O'Connor (I)

Writing credits (WGA) (in credits order) Herman Raucher (1968 screenplay)

Paul Yurick (story) and
Kurt Voelker (story)
Kurt Voelker (screenplay)

Keanu Reeves .... Nelson Moss
Charlize Theron .... Sara Deever
Jason Isaacs .... Chaz
Greg Germann .... Vince Holland
Liam Aiken .... Abner
Lauren Graham .... Angelica
Michael Rosenbaum .... Brandon
Karina Andrews .... Office Manager
Frank Langella .... Edgar Price
Tom Bullock (I) .... Al
Robert Joy (I) .... Buddy Leach
Jason Kravits .... Manny
June Lomena .... Beatrice
Adele Proom .... Osiris
Brian Leonard (IV) .... Radio Announcer
Joe Bellan .... Cabbie
L. Peter Callender .... DMV Proctor
Tamara Cova .... Abner's Teacher
Doreen Foo Croft .... Chinese Woman (as Doreen Croft)
David Fine (II) .... Homeless Bruce
Igor Hiller .... Kid #1
Kelvin Han Yee .... Burly Man
Susan Zelinsky .... Waitress
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Peter Kepler .... Train Passenger (uncredited)

Produced by
Jodi Ehrlich (associate producer)
Marty P. Ewing (co-producer)
Elliott Kastner (producer)
Steven Reuther (producer)
Deborah Stoff (producer)
Erwin Stoff (producer)
Wendy Wanderman (executive producer)

Language: English
Color: Color

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  1. SF gate
    "'Sweet' and Melancholy Wistful tale of a man redeemed by spending one month with a woman."If this link is expried,please check here.


    At this point, the critics and viewers who've written off Reeves as a no-talent aren't likely to ever change their minds. If this performance and his creepy redneck turn in "The Gift" don't turn people on to his subtle spark, then it's simply time to write them off. Still, "Sweet November" isn't quite the right vehicle for Reeves as a romantic lead. He doesn't have a particularly broad range, but he's possessed of an exceptional, level-headed sweetness that's his alone, and a sharper, drier, more angular story would serve him better.

  3. BBC News


    Reeves definitely sought out a romantic role, even asking his manager if he could find him a project. He says of Sweet November: "We wanted to have a Hepburn-Tracey feel to it, a classicism, opposites attract feeling."

    [Snip] explains that Nelson's involvement with Theron's character brings about profound change because "she's a very passionate woman, a very strong-willed woman".

    "We fall in love, which is really good therapy," he says.


    Reeves is slightly miffed that a moment in a scene he has with Theron in the bathtub was cut so the film could get an American PG-13 rating, enabling it to be seen by teenagers without an adult in the US.

    As Reeves describes it, he and Theron are in the bathtub having an intimate conversation.

    He says: "The bit that got cut is that at the end of the scene I go under the bubbles and she starts to laugh. That got cut!"

  4. ABC news(2 out of 4 stars))


    Charlize Theron turns in a good job in what is her biggest role to date. Keanu Reeves, coming off an impressive performance as a philandering husband in The Gift, reverts back to his usual, sleep-walking self in Sweet November. This, by the way, is their second pairing. They co-starred in The Devil's Advocate, playing husband and wife.

  5. Variety


    Reeves is completely credible in the early-going as an icy, "American Psycho"-ish graduate of the decade of greed, while Theron could easily be the daughter of Julie Christie's 1968 San Francisco-based Petulia, lost in a cultural fault line.

  6. Toront Sun(November bleak month for love)


    Besides the cloying plot and melodramatic dialogue -- a lot of which is so obvious that audiences shout it out before the actors mouth the words -- the acting is wretched.

    Keanu Reeves is in zombie land as the callow leading man. Playing a hotshot ad agency whiz who is reaching career and personal burnout in San Francisco, Reeves has his life transformed by a hippie-dippie woman who invites him to move in for a month as her 'November' reclamation project. The sex is free.

    Reeves was dull enough as the scab quarterback in The Replacements last summer, but in comparison with this stumblebum performance, that one was Oscar material.

    Reeves may also be losing his heartthrob hunk appeal. According to a female friend, Reeves, who looks a little pasty-faced and dull in the eyes in the new movie, is not aging well.

  7. Calgary Sun(Stilted romance Few sparks fly in bland love story )


    Theron and Reeves are hardly losers.

    The camera loves both of them and they know how to pose and seduce it, but that's about all the emotional range they have. Asking two notoriously wooden actors to try to create romantic chemistry is cruel to both the performers and the audience.

    There are so few sparks between Reeves and Theron that it's little wonder the affair never even smolders, let alone catches fire.

  8. & sour)
  9. FILMS IN REVIEW(This reviewer does not like Charize?)
  10. Internet Reviews(sour)


    Needless to say, this sluggish drama isn't his best work, and first-time screenwriter Kurt Voelker's heavy-handed screenplay doesn't help.

    Speaking of heavy-handed, the film also features a sledgehammer musical score that should qualify for at least one award ? Most Gratuitous Use of Enya Songs.

    As far as the actors are concerned, as warm and sweet a presence as Theron is, you'd think she could coax something resembling a performance out of Reeves. But even when his character is supposed to be brightening, he still delivers his lines in the most comatose, monotone fashion possible.


    A movie that starts off sappy and original, but ultimately turns sappy and predictable. And what a shame, too! Finally, a "romantic drama" with a certain touch of creativity (see plot line above), and there they go ruining it again with yet another typical ending. Don't worry ya'll, I won't be giving anything away here, but needless to say, me not too impressed with this film's finale. But let's discuss the positives first. I liked the story of this film. Here's a guy, who kinda reminded me of someone I know (yeah okay, it's me!), who basically needs a kick in the head to wake him out of his redundant, and passionless, routine (okay, is a blast for me, but working 24/7 on it, is a little, well...obsessive, no?). And here's a girl, who for some reason or another, wants to help him do that. But wait...she only wants him around for a month, and she does this with all guys, but switches to a new guy, every month! Hmmmm, that's strange...yet somehow intriguing. And as the story goes, we go with them, as both performers, Charlize and Keanu, both retain our general attention, if not entirely because of their great looks and decent showings. Mind you, it's not like we haven't seen Charlize do the cutey-pie thing before, but I gotta prop it up to Keanu this year. First, THE GIFT (7/10) and now a romantic drama. You go, you bastard...stretch those acting muscles (for the record, he doesn't entirely convince as his character in this movie, but most of the time, he's on!). I was especially impressed with his convincing moments as the "big brother" type to a young boy. Maybe he should try his hand at being a "dadda" in his next flick. But I digress.

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