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---Keanu on the net Encyclopedia
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---Full of Keanu's news,Filmography,TV or Movie shots
The Keanu Web Ring Home Page

----"The picture of the day" site owner Romeo Rainbow has an awesome idea of Ringing Keanu Related sites all over the world!
Emily's Keanu Corner

----From Canada dedicated to Keanu Reeves.Many Keanu's photos and Links!
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---Full of Keanu's Links & Movie Gross Starring Keanu Reeves

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----The Collection of John Jendro is available to the Internet for many years.(Thanks Million!). And Now The Master of "Picture of the Day" Romeo Rainbow keep this Site.(Thanks Romeo!)

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----Many Keanu's photos!!!! and updated monthly

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The Keanu Report

----It is our firmly held belief that Keanu Reeves, wooden actor and wannabe rockstar, is the Anti-Christ, the son of Satan. The following are interpretations of verses from the Book of Revelations, the Christian apocalyptic prophesy, that reveal the true nature of Keanu --- that of evil incarnate and the representative of the Devil on Earth.

But I wonder if The Site Manager love his GirlFriend or his Wife And his Family? And his World and his Universe???

Webzines about Keanu Reeves
CelebSite: Keanu Reeves

----Another Many Keanu's Recent News and Links.Updating more often

Gaijin A Go GO Cafe

----Their blue-plate special is where we showcase our featured dish. Be sure to vote for what you want to see here next.KEANU IS AHEAD BY 3 POINTS KEEP VOTING PEOPLE(1998/Jul/25)

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