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Misc. about 9

This site is my hobby,but I would like to learn something,always. I will tell about miscellaneousness about the number "9"

1.In Guangdong Chinese it means "Immortality"

According to Japanese fortune telling page, "9" means "Immortality".By the way the other numerals are here.

  1. Absolute
  2. Simple
  3. Birth
  4. Death
  5. Opposite
  6. Eternity
  7. Luck
  8. Property
  9. Immortality

2."Nine" means Purity.


3.Sometimes "9" means "Mind's eye"

According to Fortune telling by the potential ability(in Japanese) about "9"'s nature is here.

"9" means "Heaven","Suffering","End",and "Insight". In other words,The person,who has "9" in the table about their potential abilities, is insightful, and does not suffer from something that the other people feel suffering.They have "Mind's eyes" by nature. And if they has "999" in the table,it means the possesion of 3 insightful eyes in their mind.
By the way Keanu's table is following and his previous numeral is "2" and the numeral in this world is "2",too. "2" means Clarity. If you do something positive,the result will be positive,or the opposite.

4.Emergency or Unexpectedness

I wondered in the program we used to difine the numeral "999" as the end flag in 1970's. But it caused the problrem of Y2K.I think we should always consider about its background or our circumstances and add something proper to them.Certainly it is easy to inherit various something without examining,but...And in Malaysia "999" is the phone number of police and fire fighting and ambulances.(Thanks Ms.Flacon)

5."The Nine" means The 9 Muses

The 9 Muses are here

  1. Calliope(Epic and mother of Oedipus)
  2. Clio(History)
  3. Euterpe(Lyric,Poem)
  4. Melpomene(Tragedy)
  5. Thalia(Comedy)
  6. Terpsichore(Dance and chorus)
  7. Erato(Love poems)
  8. Polyhymnia(Paean)
  9. Urania(Astronomy)
We hope those Muse's best wishes to Dogstar guys(^^).
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