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Celebrating Keanu's Birthday!!
(2nd Septmenber,2005)

Created by yukarin

Happy Birthday Keanu!

It’s a great joy to me to see you getting more and more magnetic these days. I believe you are a kind of an actor no one can replace. I wish your 41 is as exiting and happy as ever for you. And I’d like to close by recommending you “reimen” (which means cold ramen) for your next visit to Japan. It’s especially good in hot weather. We’ll be waiting for you with various kinds of ramen and reimen so please come to Japan next year with “Il Mare” or “Scanner Darkly”! !


Mr. Keanu

I congratulate you on the birthday of you. They are 41 years old by the end of this year.Anyone grows older.Don't care!Please move on my way!
Even if it becomes 50 years old and becomes 60 years old. It is aiding forever.

Please do your best from now on.


Happy Birthday Keanu!

Keanu I would like to thank you very much for your "Constantine." I loooved that movie. It was my vitamine. Each time I went to the theater to meet Constantine I could regain my energy. So I was going to the theater when I was exhausted.It would be a bit strange to say this as that movie is a scary sort. But it was probably because that movie is perfectly beautiful and you are so *cool* in it.
I am enjoying Keanu Reeves in his forties very much and am hoping very much that you too!

Love onchi


Hope you have a wonderful B-Day with many happy and health returns. Do you already know Constantine DVD is out on your day in Japan? Double happy to us here YAY! We fans in Japan love you for ever and ever. You'll in my thought.



Wish a very happy birthday! May your birthday bring joy and happiness to you and your family and of course your job. All the best for your future.


happy birthday! keanu

i love you!

daisy_ree_kiss you!

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