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Keanu Reeves Back In Buffalo
Date: 2010-Jan-1
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Keanu Reeves Back In Buffalo

Buffalo, NY - - Actor Keanu Reeves is in Western New York again.

2 On Your Side spotted the actor on Friday morning, outisde the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Buffalo. Reeves is in the Queen City to scout movie locations. He looked at a few locations on the eastside of Buffalo.

Reeves has been spotted in Western New York a few times over the last couple months scouting locations for a new film he's involved in called "Henry's Crime", the story about a toll worker.

Last week, a local talent agency told 2 On Your Side casting calls went out for New York City only and not Buffalo. However, sources close to the move tell us the plan is still to shoot some of the movie here.

Reeves is said to be here through Friday.

Wright Penn: 'Love scenes are difficult'
Date: 2009-Nov-18
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Wright Penn: 'Love scenes are difficult'

Robin Wright Penn has admitted that she finds filming sex scenes difficult.

The actress has said that she was relieved that it only took one take to film the love scene with Keanu Reeves in The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee.

Speaking to USA Today, Wright Penn said: "Any kind of vulnerability is always hard to do. Just being exposed in that way is difficult. People say it's hard to do those scenes revealing the blood and soul of your heart, crying.

"That's easy-peasy for me. Intimacy is far more challenging. Thank God we did it in one take."

The 43-year-old also admitted that she wants fans to remember her for new movies rather than 1994's Forrest Gump and 1987's The Princess Bride.

She added: "I love those movies, and they're going to go down in history. They're iconic. And I love that I'm a part of film history. But, it's so then, and we're now. It's 20, 22 years ago. I'm interested in doing other things."

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