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Keanu Reeves films gHenryfs Crimeh at locations around New York State
Date: 2009-Dec-30
From: On Location Vacations
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Keanu Reeves films gHenryfs Crimeh at locations around New York State

Keanu Reeves, who has appeared in movies such as gThe Matrixh trilogy, gSpeedh and gThe Day the Earth Stood Stillh has recently been seen in several locations around New York State such as downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls. He was most recently seen last week in Kenmore, where he was shooting scenes for his upcoming film gHenryfs Crimeh.

gHenryfs Crimeh is what you would call an gindependent filmh, meaning one shot outside the Hollywood studio system, Reeves is not only acting in the flick, but also the filmfs executive producer.

Even though shooting for the movie wasnft to take place until the afternoon, a crowd of onlookers had already begun forming by 9 am, and by 1 pm the crowd had grown 150 people strong. While people were waiting, most of them were discussing Keanu Reeves, and as the Police Chief of the city said gWefre thrilled to have him here, and thrilled that these scenes will be seen all over the world.h

Keanu Reeves arrived on location at 1 p.m. where he entered the restaurant, after roughly half hour later he came out to greet the people gathered on the sidewalk. The crowd responded warmly while remaining orderly as cameras and cell phones clicked away. After 20 minutes, it was back inside and back to work.

After a week of shooting around Kenmore, the crew will start shooting across the state and in a prison on Long Island, with plans to return to Kenmore later for some more filming.

Keanu Reeves Meets With Local WNY Leaders and Media
Date: 2009-Dec-21
From: WKBW
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Keanu Reeves Meets With Local WNY Leaders and Media

Movie star Keanu Reeves, director Malcolm Venville, and producer Lemore Syvan met with local leaders and media after another day of filming "Henry's Crime" in downtown Buffalo on Wednesday. "Great people and great support," Reeves said of his time here.

Multimedia Watch The Video Keanu spoke about how friendly Buffalo has been to the crew, and reveled what made them choose this area to shoot part of his latest movie. "We were looking for... a place that had a past and was kind of moving into the future and transition itself, and Buffalo was the place," Reeves said

The film crew received a special honor from Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown as he proclaimed the week of December 14th, 2009 as Henry's Crime week for our city and county. Mayors from other local cities where filming will take place, like Niagara Falls and Kenmore, also brought gifts for the film crew including winter hats since it has been so cold here. Keanu poetically explained why they're filming during winter, saying it helps to enhance the romance of the movie. "Well in the cold of winter, one welcomes the needs and cherishes the warm heart of romance even more."

Keanu also revealed more about what this film is all about. "His name is Henry... now our story is morally and ethically challenged because Henry decides when he comes out of jail to rob the bank that he already went to jail for robbing."

The main character, Henry, works at a toll booth, is in his 40's, and is living an unsatisfied life. One day he's driving with a friend to what he thinks is a softball game, and his friend has some people riding with them in the car. Henry's friend says they need to stop at an ATM for beer money. But when they get to the bank, the group ends up trying to rob the bank while Henry waits unsuspectingly in the car. Henry is the one who gets caught and is sent to jail. He meets a fellow jailbird, who is in there for life. The guy tells Henry "you did the time, mine as well have done the crime". Henry thinks about it more and when he gets out of jail he decides to rob the bank. The location of the bank's vault is connected to a theater through an underground tunnel. Henry ends up being part of a play at that theater in order to get access to the tunnel and at one point is split between being in the play and robbing the bank. Meantime he falls in love and in the end has to decide to either finish robbing the bank or be with her.

Buffalo is a perfect location for this movie according to the production crew, because of the real underground tunnels the city has, and all the toll booths.

Economically the film has brought in more temporary jobs for locals and the decision to come here may not have happened if it weren't for the state's tax credit for filmmakers. "The New York State tax credit was huge news for New York filmmakers such as myself, because that meant that actually we could be here," Lemore Syvan, the producer of Henry's Crime, said. "Because usually it's very hard to convince financers to stay in New York. I would not be in New York State probably."

Niagara Falls is the backdrop for Keanu Reeves New Film
Date: 2009-Dec-18
From: wgrz
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Niagara Falls is the backdrop for Keanu Reeves New Film

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - The rapids roared as crews moved lights and equipment in to position near Prospect Point on the American side of Niagara Falls. Huge lights were trucked in from Toronto to brighten up the backdrop for the big screen.

"At first we thought they did that as a matter of routine so we could see the river," said Mike Wilson.

Wilson and his family are vacationing from Atlanta. They had no idea a movie was being shot here. They just wanted to catch a quick glimpse of the falls.

"It's very impressive," Wilson said.

Crews spent the day unloading trucks full of props and equipment, completely transforming the park in to the backdrop for a love scene in the film.

"We have wardrobe and make-up and those of course were specialized trucks and trailers that deal just with the movie business," Tim Clark, Buffalo-Niagara Film Commissioner said pointing to large trucks nearby.

And with the movie business come fans.

"He actually walked by us earlier, I was with my father," said Maria Ferlito.

"By him you mean who?" 2 On Your Side's Josh Boose asked.

"Keanu Reeves," she replied.

And Ferlito wasn't the only one who came to catch a glimpse of the film's star.

"That's why you came down here, to see Keanu?" Boose asked Josie Young.

"Phyliss heard it on the radio," she said, pointing to her friend.

"I heard it on television," said Phyllis Harrison. "I actually came down here to ask him if his name really means cool breeze over the ocean."

We're not sure if that's what Keanu's name means but we do know it was physically cool on this makeshift set. So cold, a doctor and paramedic stood by in case the ice and cold became too dangerous.

The fans stuck it out. As for the cast and crew accustomed to the palm trees of Hollywood, it was just another day on the job.

"I think they expected worse," said Clark. "They really did."

Filming in Niagara Falls wrapped up Thursday night. On Friday the crew will be shooting in Kenmore before coming back to Buffalo to film more scenes Friday afternoon.

Reeves hits deck many times before filming shifts to the falls
Date: 2009-Dec-18
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Reeves hits deck many times before filming shifts to the falls

By Tom Buckham

In less than 24 hours, at the same downtown intersection, Keanu Reeves went from bank robbery suspect to traffic accident victim.

Rather, his character in gHenryfs Crimeh endured the plot twist during scenes filmed Wednesday and Thursday at Main and West Huron streets.

Most of Thursdayfs activity centered on the staged accident, in which a car driven by co-star VeraFarmiga making her debut in the Buffalo shoot  strikes Reeves as he crosses the Metro Rail tracks at the intersection on foot.

A stuntman set up the sequence, but when director Malcolm Venville signaled gaction,h it was the leading man himself who bounced off the fender and fell to the cold, cold pavement in 20-degree weather. Not once but a dozen times, according to an unofficial tally of the number of takes required to get the scene just right.

It may be only a movie, but being knocked down repeatedly was considered risky enough for Reeves that Dr. Lou Irmish and Buffalo firefighters were on standby.

Though Reeves greally hit the deck pretty good,h as one gawker watching from a distance put it, he got back on his feet unassisted.

As the scene unfolds, Farmiga, who is talking on a cell phone when her car hits Reeves, gets out to see if hefs injured  while still jabbering away on the phone.

The episode leads to romance, and the story shifts to Niagara Falls, where Reeves and Farmiga spend their first date conversing at Prospect Point with the famous waterfalls in the background.

That part was shot Thursday night using banks of high-intensity lights trucked in from Toronto to supplement the powerful multi-colored beams that normally illuminate the falls from the Canadian side.

After the filming of another sequence in Kenmorefs Jinlan Chinese restaurant, local production of gHenryfs Crimeh is expected to wrap up today at the former Marine Trust bank vault in the Main-Seneca Building.

Metro Rail service, which was suspended between the Fountain Plaza and Church Street stations for several hours Wednesday and Thursday to make way for the filming, will return to normal today.

Keanu Reaves Films New Movie In Buffalo
Date: 2009-Dec-18
From: WGRZ
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Keanu Reaves Films New Movie In Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY-- It's something you don't usually see rolling across Main Street in Buffalo; a Hollywood spotlight, microphones and props.

The Buffalo-Niagara Film commissioner calls the shoot for Keanu Reeves' new movie a success. He also calls it an economic boost because in this case they needed hotel rooms for the 80 plus cast and crew, restaurants to cater food on the set and they even brought jobs.

"Local extras are cast and used in the film and they all get paid," said Tim Clark, Buffalo-Niagara Film Commissioner.

Keanu Reeves says it was the architecture and feel of the city that brought him to film in Buffalo, but there was likely an even bigger factor that many hope will sway others to film in New York State.

"It allows a thirty percent tax credit for most expenses," said Clark. "Now it doesn't cover things like the star's salaries and those kinds of things but for what we call below the line expenses."

2 On Your Side's Josh Boose asked Reeves about that tax credit to see how big a role it played in shooting here.

"It helps you make a film," he said.

"Normally it would be very hard to convince financiers to stay in New York," said Lemore Syvan, one of the film's producers. "They would want us to shoot in Chicago, anywhere there is a rebate. We would go there to film for New York."

"That [the tax credit] helped us a lot in terms of structuring our finances," said Svyan.

But the film commission hopes the big pay off will be back here in Buffalo.

"It's probably millions of dollars in free publicity for our community," said Clark.

And there's more on the way.

"We have a major motion picture we will likely be shooting in the next few weeks here," Clark said. "We'll have another big star here in the matter of the next month or so."

That thirty percent tax credit is fairly new. It was first signed in to law in April, 2008 but the legislature needs to vote on it every year.

The filming for "Henry's Crime" continues Thursday in Niagara Falls and Friday they will film in Kenmore.

KENMORE: Keanu thrills crowd gathered at shoot
Date: 2009-Dec-18
From: niagara-gazette
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KENMORE: Keanu thrills crowd gathered at shoot

By Ed Adamczyk
Niagara Gazette

Actor Keanu Reeves finished his Western New York workweek Friday by shooting a scene for his upcoming film gHenryfs Crimeh in at Jin Lan Restaurant. After several days of on-location work in downtown Buffalo and in Niagara Falls, the production moved to a village not known for, but certainly amenable to, a Hollywood connection.

A crowd of onlookers began forming in the cold on Delaware Avenue by 9 a.m., with no knowledge of when the star would arrive. The crowd had grown to 150 by 1 p.m. Adjacent Parkwood Avenue had been closed to all traffic except for several massive trucks, one reading gParamount Production Support Inc.h on its side, and the morningfs only entertainment was watching the equipment of the movie business being unloaded. That, and the demolition and backfilling of an old building across the street.

And talking about Keanu Reeves.

gI just came down to see and meet the man, maybe get his autograph,h said Robert Reed of Buffalo.

Added Michelle Horne of Kenmore, gIfve seen every one of his moviesh (Reeves has actually appeared in more than 60 films, according to the International Movie Database, including gThe Matrixh trilogy gSpeedh and gThe Day the Earth Stood Stillh).

Several in the crowd, like Angela Curella, were hoping for a slightly more personal exchange with a handsome Hollywood star.

gI just want to see him, kiss him on the cheek,h Curella said.

With the anticipation came a feeling that something good was happening for the Village of Kenmore.

gNeedless to say, itfs historic,h said Kenmore Police Chief Carl LaCorte. gWefre thrilled to have him here, and thrilled that these scenes will be seen all over the world.h

He pointed out that there gwas some (police) overtime involved, but you canft put a price on this kind of publicity.h

Unfortunately, all the filming on Friday took place in the restaurantfs interior. The other charms of Kenmore will not appear on the big screen. On Thursday, Assistant Director John Tyson said the second part of the date was filmed in Niagara Falls.

Brianna Valenzuela, a Kenmore resident, pointed out that gitfs fantastic. Ifm star-struck, and I want him to know how great Kenmore is.h

Despite the uncertainty of the schedule, it was a remarkably orderly scene.

gWe hand-delivered information to residents of Parkwood Avenue on Wednesday,h said Village Clerk Kathleen Johnson, among the onlookers, gto let them know about parking and traffic issues, and we met with the movie representatives to go over the details. We were happy to cooperate.h

The scene being filmed Friday was of Reeves and costar Vera Farminga during the first part of a date. The film is a romantic comedy wherein Reeves is falsely convicted of robbing a bank, but then decides upon being released to pull the caper for real. On Thursday, producers said the pair of actors shot what will eventually be the second half of their date at Prospect Point in Niagara Falls.

Reeves arrived in Kenmore about 1 p.m. to the cheers of the crowd, and entered the restaurant. About a half hour later he came out to greet the people gathered on the sidewalk, something he has not done since arriving in Western New York.

The crowd responded warmly while remaining orderly as cameras and cell phones clicked away (including those wielded by Chief LaCorte and Clerk Johnson). Reeves, dressed for the weather in a fur-lined hooded overcoat, signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans, but said little. Despite the lack of conversation, he appeared pleased with the turnout and the welcome. Reeves made a point of bending down to get into camera range with his smallest enthusiasts, and signed every photograph, notepad and paper scrap that was offered him. The event also produced a traffic tie-up on Delaware Avenue, as curious drivers stopped to see the star.

After about 20 minutes of a Kenmore-style meet-and-greet, it was back inside and back to work. Most of the crowd dispersed, and the construction crew across the street, which had thoughtfully suspended its noisy project, resumed work as well.

Ed Adamczyk is a Kenmore resident and freelance writer. Contact him at

On Location in Buffalo With Keanu Reeves
Date: 2009-Dec-16
From: WKBW
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On Location in Buffalo With Keanu Reeves

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) -- Hollywood invaded downtown Buffalo on Tuesday with movie star Keanu Reeves in town as shooting gets underway on his dark romantic comedy titled "Henry's Crime". Eyewitness News cameras captured Reeves slipping into a denim jacket to shoot a scene on Exchange Street near downtown.

Multimedia Watch The Video The location shoot caught workers at the Alp Steel Corporation on Exchange Street by surprise. "We opened the door before and the police car was out here and we looked to see what was going on and all of a sudden a whole bunch of people started showing up with cameras and it's kind of interesting," says Tom McSkimning of Alp Steel Corp.

McSkimning says he didn't recognize the actor at first. "When I saw him on tv when they were showing him shooting he had long hair and scraggly beard," explains McSkimning. That was when Reeves was in town scouting locations. Now that the actual filming is underway he's changed his look.

"There was somebody all of a sudden no jacket, carrying a duffel bag. Oh, it was him then. That's neat," says McSkimning.

Reeves and his crew headed for Chef's restaurant nearby for lunch. "Just got in. Going to lunch," Reeves told Eyewitness News as he slipped in a side door of the restaurant. Chef's has apparently become one of the actor's favorite places to eat in Buffalo.

"Today he had some boneless chicken and some pasta broccoli and veggie lasagna," says Chef's owner Louis Billittier Jr., "He had our spaghetti parm last time he was here. He loved all of it."

Reeves even posed for a picture with the owner during one of his earlier visits. "He's up on our wall but I was going to have him do it today actually because now that he's shaved for the movie... last time he was in town he had the beard and long hair," explains Billittier.

After a quick bite to eat Tuesday Reeves hopped into a black S.U.V. and was whisked back off to work. Other filming locations Tuesday included a building at Main and Seneca Streets where's it believed they're shooting underground scenes.

On Wednesday and Thursday the filming is scheduled to take place at least part of the day around the metro rail tracks downtown. Because of the filming the NFTA's metro rail at Main and Huron Streets will be suspended between the two stations between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. both days. Shuttle service will be provided to take passengers around the closed off area.

In "Henry's Crime" Reeves is rumored to be playing a man wrongly accused of robbing a bank.

Buffalo commuter rail service halts for film shoot
Date: 2009-Dec-17
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Buffalo commuter rail service halts for film shoot

Originally published December 16, 2009 at 6:42 a.m., updated December 16, 2009 at 6:42 a.m.BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)  A section of Buffalo's Metro Rail line is being shut down so a movie crew can shoot scenes for a new Keanu Reeves film.

Metro Rail's aboveground section in downtown Buffalo will not be running from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

Transit officials say the suspension of train service could cause some delays during the morning and evening commutes.

Shuttle buses will be available for commuters affected by rail service interruptions.

In his new film, "Henry's Crime," Reeves plays a toll booth worker wrongly accused of robbing a bank.

Filming in the Buffalo area is expected to wrap up later this week.

Reevesf film plans scene at restaurant
Date: 2009-Dec-6
From: BuffaloNews
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Reevesf film plans scene at restaurant


The Village of Kenmore is poised for another moment in the spotlight.

Actually, this time, it will be a klieg light.

Some of the local shooting for gHenryfs Crime,h a feature film starring and produced by Keanu Reeves, will occur in the village, Police Chief Carl J. LaCorte announced during Tuesdayfs work session of the Village Board.

gI think it will be a very good thing for the Village of Kenmore,h LaCorte said. gWe will assist them in any way we can.h

The romantic comedy will feature Reeves as a bighearted man falsely accused of robbing a Buffalo bank.

LaCorte said he was told that the filmfs main characters, including Reeves and James Caan, will shoot a scene in or near Jinlan Chinese Restaurant at Delaware and Parkwood avenues. gI donft know if theyfre shooting inside or outside,h the chief said.

Though he didnft have a specific date, LaCorte said he believes that it will be sometime this month. Additional filming is planned in Buffalo and New York City.

The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda area found itself in the national spotlight twice earlier this fall.

In October, a national planning organization named Kenmore one of the 10 gGreat Neighborhoodsh in the United States.

And last month, BusinessWeek magazine ranked the town, which includes the village, as the best place in New York State to raise children.

During the Village Boardfs regular meeting Tuesday night, Trustees Salvatore gSamh Muscarella and Paul P. Catalano took the oath of office, as did Village Justice Scott F. Riordan. All three were re-elected to four-year terms last month.

The board also approved the appointment of David Lewandowski, a 13-year veteran of the Kenmore Police Department, to the job of detective. Further, Lewandowski was appointed a court officer for Village Court; both appointments are effective Dec. 21.

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