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Dogstar-Mark DOGSTAR
The band got started in 1991 when Keanu and Robert met in a supermarket. Keanu noticed that Rob wore a Detroit Redwings hockey sweater. Keanu was an avid hockey player, so he asked Rob if he needed a goalie. And the two became friends. And they had activities as a band named "Dogstar" after Henry Miller's novel.Rob was talking about the name.

"I was reading the Henry Miller book, The Sexes and I came across the dogstar sentence. I was attracted to the word dogstar. I had actually never heard that word before. I was attracted to the relationship between the dog and the star and the distance in between. I did some more research on the word, to get more of its meaning. It was basically that the word jumped off of the page at me"

And Rob asked his friend Gregg Miller to play too. He stayed in the band until 1995. Bret was the last to join (in 1994).

Dogstar members include Bret Domrose, Rob Mailhouse, and Keanu Reeves. Dogstar has their website with tour photo and their CD and about their activties. You should check it out.

The Lead vocal and Guitar,Bret Domrose's solo band.He was starting his career in LA since 1993.And In the summer of 1994 he met Dogstar as Sheryl Crow's guitarist and became the member of Dogstar.While on the road with Dogstar, Bret met up with drummer / studio owner / drum tech., Michael Nightingale. With the successful acting careers of Keanu and Rob gaining momentum, activities associated with Dogstar slowed down leaving Bret with a little more free time.Michael offered his help and his talents as drummer, joining Bret in branching out and starting his own band. Together with Bret's majestic song writing and Michael's "know how" and positive attitude the inception of Bret Domrose "the band" became a reality. They teamed up with fellow musician friends, Aaron Schwoerer on bass and Sam Varma on guitar & backing vocals. And in 2000,spring "the Rough Around The Edges" was released.If you are interested in the CD,please check cdbay


We don't know the detail about "Becky".But now we will report about the band as possbiel.Lead Vocal is Rebecca Lord who was starred MTV's "The Real World Seson 7" from 1999 till 2001 and now she is an admirable model/actoress/singer/song writer. According to,Many records companies approached her band "Becky!" but he would not release her songs yet.Because "I'm looking for the perfect fit. I won't sacrifice creative control for money".She is currently recording the three final tracks for her debut album, which will soon be available for purchase.Now as Dostar's another endeavor,2 members of Dogstar,Our fabulous drummer Rob Mailhouse and admirable bass player Keanu Reeves joined the project.Rebbeca Lord on vocal and Paulie Kosta on Guitar,Keanu Reevs on bass,and Rob Mailhouse on drums.

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