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2002 News & Interviews

  1. (25-Dec-2002)The Matrix Maker- Newsweek
  2. (19-Dec-2002)Matrix Documentary Cameraman Talks Sequels-
  3. (19-Dec-2002)Matrix Stand-In Talks Working on Sequels -
  4. (19-Dec-2002)Book Review - "The Matrix and Philosophy" by William Irwin, ed. -
  5. (17-Dec-2002)Matrix Set To Be Magnificent, Says Keanu - Teen Hollywood
  6. (18-Dec-2002)THE MATRIX RELOADED - FilmFour
  7. (13-Dec-2002)Weaving Re-Enters Matrix - Scifi
  8. (13-Dec-2002)Kung fu Keanu is ducking, Weaving - The Daily Telegraph
  9. (13-Dec-2002)NEIL SEAN'S STAR SECRETS -
  10. (12-Dec-2002)The premiere of the film 'Two Weeks Notice' - Variety
  11. (10-Dec-2002)The 17th American Cinematheque award - Variety
  12. (09-Dec-2002)Pals party for Denzel - Canada dot com
  13. (05-Dec-2002)Keanu Reeves Reloaded - MTV
  14. (02-Dec-2002)Exclusive Interview with Dogstar - OnAir(Thai)
  15. (02-Dec-2002)AMC to Air Denzel's Cinematheque Ceremony - Variety
  16. (02-Dec-2002)Keanu Reeves joins Jack Nicholson in new comedy - Empire
  17. (02-Dec-2002)Comic Keanu - Empire
  18. (01-Dec-2002)Dr. Reeves treats Meyers-helmed comedy for Col - Hollywood Reporter
  19. (01-Dec-2002)Reeves Joins Nicholson, Keaton in Triangle - Variety

  1. (26-Nov-2002)WHAT YOU BIN UP TO KEANU? - News of the World(UK)
  2. (19-Nov-2002)KEANU BELIEVE IT... HE'S BIN AT IT AGAIN!- News of the World(UK)
  3. (12-Nov-2002)Dude! It's Alex Winter! - CNN

  1. (18-Oct-2002)Interview : Joel Silver - Ghost Ship - Moviehole
  2. (18-Oct-2002)A QUESTION OF RELATIONSHIPS: Courting Keanu - The Nation(Bangkok)
  3. (18-Oct-2002)Whoa! It's Keanu up on stage- The Nation(Bangkok)
  4. (11-Oct-2002)Dogged by fame- The Nation(Bangkok)
  5. (08-Oct-2002)Dogstar concert- Bangkok Post

  1. (28-Sep-2002)More culture that we know what to do with - SALA
  2. (28-Sep-2002)40th Film Festival - Yahoo News!
  3. (27-Sep-2002)The Matrix Wedding - E Onine
  4. (26-Sep-2002)Shooting from the heard - Daily Telegraph
  5. (23-Sep-2002)SOPHIE'S BIRTHDAY CHOICE: A 14TH STREET SOIREE - New York post
  6. (19-Sep-2002)Longy kneads a change of direction - Daily Telegraph
  7. (15-Sep-2002)New Face behind "Superman" - MovieHole
  9. (13-Sep-2002)Superman Movie Rumors Round-Up! - SuperHero hype
  10. (13-Sep-2002)Keanu Tapped for Superman's New 'Excellent Adventure'? - Fox News
  11. (14-Sep-2002)Finished with THE MATRIX, Fishburne looking to genre TV - CineScape
  12. (14-Sep-2002)The Matrix: Double Vision - IGN Filmforce
  13. (14-Sep-2002)The Dirt on "The Matrix" Sequels(*** Spoilers ***) - Rolling Stones
  14. (06-Sep-2002)Cool News and Some Spoilers about MATRIX 2 & 3! - Aint it cool news
  15. (01-Sep-2002)Matrix Viruses Revealed - The Empire Online

  1. (26-Aug-2002)Matrix is the latest hill to climb - Sydney Morning Herald
  2. (26-Aug-2002)IT’S not a good idea to get into buying rounds with KEANU REEVES - The Sun
  3. (26-Aug-2002)KEANU'S $77,000 FAREWELL BASH - Sun Herald
  4. (24-Aug-2002)'Down Under' tops in Hollywood hit-making -
  5. (24-Aug-2002)The galaxy far, far away is much closer than you think - Sidney Morning Herald
  6. (24-Aug-2002)Lone rider - Sydney's wrapped in Matrix - Daily Telegraph
  7. (24-Aug-2002)The Matrix sequels have confirmed the beautiful relationship between Sydney and the film world - Daily Telegraph
  8. (24-Aug-2002)The Matrix sequels have confirmed the beautiful relationship between Sydney and the film world - Daily Telegraph
  9. (23-Aug-2002)Matrix industry worth $200m to economy - Sydney Morning Herald
  10. (19-Aug-2002)Hollywood stardom for Better Homes twins - Teletext
  11. (19-Aug-2002)25-minute car chase in "Matrix Reloaded"? - Cinema Confidential
  12. (19-Aug-2002)Monica Bellucci Talks About Why She Took a Role in The Matrix Sequels - The Daily Record
  13. (18-Aug-2002)Keanu's lunch date - Sunday Telegraph
  14. (6-Aug-2002)Animatrix and Reloaded Updates -
  15. (6-Aug-2002)Sighting - The Daily Telegraph
  16. (5-Aug-2002)Ben Austin in The Matrix Sequels
  17. (5-Aug-2002)Comic Contest Animatrix report
  18. (5-Aug-2002)Reeves teases MATRIX RELOADED -Cinescape
  19. (5-Aug-2002) How The Matrix Changed The Rules for Action Movies - NY Times
  20. (4-Aug-2002)Two Years Planning for Helicopter Shooting -
  21. (4-Aug-2002)Audience Test Response to Revolutions: "Amazing" -
  22. (4-Aug-2002)Cast and Crew Hype Sequels and Confirm Bullet Time!!! -
  23. (3-Aug-2002)Bullet Time Still Being Used?-Updated -
  24. (3-Aug-2002)Actor Keanu Reeves has sought the advice of Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman -
  25. (1-Aug-2002)Science Faction - Juice
  26. (1-Aug-2002)Michelle Yeoh has no regrets about turning down 'Matrix' role -StarOnline
  27. (1-Aug-2002)The life you think is real may be just a computer simulation -The Canberra Times

  1. (31-Jul-2002)The life you think is real may be just a computer simulation - The Canberra Times
  2. (30-Jul-2002)Will Smith Told To Stay Away from Matrix Sequels -
  3. (30-Jul-2002)Speed, the hit adrenalin-rush action film, comes to DVD as special edition - Canada dot com
  4. (28-Jul-2002)What Keanu's been looking for - Daily Telegraph
  5. (28-Jul-2002)Keanu's capers keep all the girls guessing - Daily Telegraph
  6. (27-Jul-2002)Torres Enters The Matrix -
  7. (27-Jul-2002)KEANU REEVES TO PLAY JOHN CONSTANTINE - Comic Book Resources - Comic Book Resources
  8. (25-Jul-2002)Gold Coast the pits: Brad - The Courie mail
  9. (25-Jul-2002)Aussies vie for Pitt, Aniston - The
  10. (25-Jul-2002)Matrix producer's plan to mix large with small - Sydney Morning Herald
  11. (25-Jul-2002)Carrie Anne-Moss is "Suspect Zero" - Ciname Confidential
  12. (23-Jul-2002)Keanu scraps Dogstar tour to care for dying sister -
  13. (23-Jul-2002)More Matrix Shooting for Pinkett-Smith -
  14. (21-Jul-2002)'Very Special' Reloaded Sneak Peek at Comicon! -
  15. (21-Jul-2002)Macquarie University to Hold Matrix Philosophy Event -
  16. (18-Jul-2002)New Matrix Scoops -
  17. (18-Jul-2002)Plane Truth - Entertainment Weekly
  18. (17-Jul-2002)Village Roadshow Will Partly Fund Matrix Sequels -
  19. (17-Jul-2002)Jada Pinkett Smith writing song for Matrix soundtrack - Ananova
  20. (15-Jul-2002)Keenu Reeves Explains Neo -
  21. (12-Jul-2002)Matrix script Review - LDJW
  22. (12-Jul-2002)Tiny MATRIX Sequel Updates! - AICN
  23. (11-Jul-2002)US gets the first bite - Sydney Morning Herald
  24. (09-Jul-2002)Warner Sets a Thursday Release for 'Matrix' Sequel - Variety
  25. (09-Jul-2002)Opera Singer Ledisi Young in The Matrix Reloaded -
  26. (09-Jul-2002)Another Matrix DVD -
  27. (08-Jul-2002)Matrix a traffic-stopper -Courie Mail
  28. (08-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix shoot shuts city - The Sunday Times,etc sources
  29. (08-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix)City gasps as Matrix hedge-hops - Daily Telegraph
  30. (08-Jul-2002 Matrix)World Exclusive! - Remember that 14 minute sequence?(Spoilers) - Matrix Online
  31. (08-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix of the trade - Herald Sun
  32. (06-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix of the trade - Herald Sun
  33. (06-Jul-2002 Matrix)Rebooting The Matrix - The Advertisement
  34. (06-Jul-2002 Matrix)Cheap thrills win US stars - Herald Sun
  35. (06-Jul-2002 Matrix) What The Matrix Has Done for Sydney -
  36. (06-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix Sequels Leaving Sydney This Month -
  37. (05-Jul-2002 Matrix)Reload and rewind ...- Sydney Morning Herald
  38. (03-Jul-2002 Matrix)The Scoop on the Matrix Sequels DVD - Comingsoon,net
  39. (02-Jul-2002 News)Keanu Reeves not Cage - MovieHole
  40. (02-Jul-2002 Matrix)New shooting dates and locations - The Matrix Online
  41. (02-Jul-2002 Matrix)Matrix Guru Sets Keanu Straight - The Globe
  42. (02-Jul-2002 Matrix)Will Smith turned down The Matrix - Coming

  1. (30-Jun-2002 Matrix)The Matrix poster will be coming on 4th July - Matrix oofficial site
  2. (29-Jun-2002 Matrix)Laurence Fishburne is making $10 million on “Matrix” sequels. - Newsweek
  3. (29-Jun-2002 Matrix)Steve Bastoni revealed on TV cooking show Fresh that he plays Capt. Soren - Dark Horizons/
  4. (27-Jun-2002 Matrix)Village's dividend rides off into the sunset - The Age
  5. (27-Jun-2002 Matrix)Cadillac Excited for The Matrix Sequels-UPDATED -
  6. (24-Jun-2002 Fringe)"Matrix" Composer Don Davis To Chair Young Film Composers Competition Final Judging Event
  7. (22-Jun-2002 Fringe) Alession Tacchinardi.
  8. (22-Jun-2002 Matrix) It's Tough Babe Carrie-Anne Moss - from Entertainment Weekly
  9. (22-Jun-2002 Interview) Keanu: 'Dodging bullets and pickets' - from Teletext
  10. (22-Jun-2002 Matrix) Montez Added to Matrix Sequels Cast - from
  11. (12-Jun-2002 Matrix) Warner Bros. - from Biz Wire
  12. (10-Jun-2002 Matrix)A-list stars hit town - from Couting
  13. (11-Jun-2002 Matrix) City shuts for Matrix - from Courie Mail
  14. (11-Jun-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' is latest in movie-sequel trend - from USA Today
  15. (09-Jun-2002 Matrix) Matrix helicopter stunt revealed - from Daily Telegraph
  16. (05-Jun-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' is latest in movie-sequel trend - from USA Today
  17. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)Monica Belucci's role(*** Spoilers ***) - from

  1. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)MATRIX RELOADED release date changes - from Cinescape
  2. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)Day 212 on 'Matrix' Movies Set: 'This Will End the Way Movies Have Been Made' - from Zap2it
  3. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)Animatrix To Hit Web - from Sci Wire
  4. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)The Matrix 'goes online'- from BBC News
  5. (04-Jun-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' logs onto Net gaming- from CNN
  6. (29-May-2002 Matrix)Ellis Talks Matrix Chase - from Sci Fi Wire
  7. (29-May-2002 Matrix)Sydney the Matrix City: Fishburne - from Herald Sun
  8. (28-May-2002 Matrix)Emerald City a gem for filming: Fishburne - from Daily Telegraph
  9. (28-May-2002 Matrix)Clayton Watson talks about Matrix - from Movie Hole
  10. (28-May-2002 Matrix)Matrix filming report - from DarkHolizons
  11. (27-May-2002 Matrix)Matrix sequels `meaningful' - from Sydeny Morning Herald
  12. (27-May-2002 Matrix)The Wachowski brothers offered Bat-franchise! - from
  13. (25-May-2002 Matrix)A French Philosopher Talks Back to Hollywood and 'The Matrix' - from NYTimes
  14. (25-May-2002 Matrix) - from
  15. (24-May-2002 Matrix)Access Hollywood Description (Matrix 2)- from Matrix
  16. (24-May-2002 Matrix)First Teaser Trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures' - from Business Wire
  17. (23-May-2002 Matrix)The Matrix-based MMORPG Announced- from Teambox
  18. (23-May-2002 Matrix)For the Wachowski Brothers, Sydney is The Matrix- from DaliyTelegraph
  19. (23-May-2002 Matrix)Matrix 2 & 3 Filming in Sydney, Australia- from OverLockers Australia
  20. (21-May-2002 Matrix)Matrix Video Game Coming - from Coming
  21. (19-May-2002 Fringe)Keanu sighting - from Daily Telegraph
  22. (19-May-2002 Fringe)Keanu sighting - from Blog and Mablog
  23. (19-May-2002 Matrix)Police to copy Matrix moves - from London Evening Standard
  24. (19-May-2002 Matrix)Police to copy Matrix self-defence moves- from Ananova
  25. (15-May-2002 Matrix)Sighting Matrix Stars- from Daily Telegraph
  26. (15-May-2002 Matrix)Into the Matrix - from Calgary Sun
  27. (15-May-2002 Fringe)Keanu Watch - from Daily Telegraph
  28. (14-May-2002 Fringe)Enigma - from snapshot
  29. (14-May-2002 Matrix)Sighting Matrix Stars- from Daily Telegraph
  30. (14-May-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' set pics in Sydney- from AICN
  31. (14-May-2002 Matrix)On Set With Matrix 2- from Empire Online
  32. (12-May-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' set pics in Sydney- from AICN
  33. (12-May-2002 Matrix)'Matrix' will shoot on 11th May- from ETonline
  34. (12-May-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Pre Production- from Tippet Studio
  35. (11-May-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Mania Begins- from ETonline
  36. (09-May-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Revealed - from Sydney Morning Herald
  37. (09-May-2002 MatrixCinematographer talks Matrix sequels - from The Matrix Community
  38. (08-May-2002 Matrix)Keanu goes full cycle - from Sydney Morning Herald
  39. (24-Apr-2002 Sighting)Keanu Sighting - from Daily Telegraph
  40. (05-May-2002 Matrix)Matrix Reloaded - from
  41. (05-May-2002 Matrix)Machine Revolutions - from Earth Island Journal
  42. (05-May-2002 Matrix)Cast Member Sasha Sarago Snooping Around the Set(*** Spoilers ***) - from
  43. (02-May-2002 Matrix)EXCLUSIVE! Lachy Hulme talks Matrix - from
  44. (02-May-2002 Matrix)ESC Entertainment Selects BlueArc - from
  45. (24-Apr-2002 Billy Jack)DreamWorks Remakes 'Billy,' 'Hawaii' Remake Deals - from Variety

  1. (29-Apr-2002 Matrix)How is Carrie-Anne Moss Training? - from US weekly
  2. (24-Apr-2002 FANship)The Keanu Offlined JP Festa - from 999.squares
  3. (16-Apr-2002 Fringe)Faith Winthrop - from Sydony Morning Herald
  4. (16-Apr-2002 Matrix)More "Matrix Reloaded" casting - from Cinema Confidential
  5. (13-Apr-2002 Matrix)'Ali' actress taking Aaliyah's role in 'Matrix 2' - from Reuters
  6. (13-Apr-2002 Matrix)Nona Gaye to be in Matrix II - from Reuters
  7. (11-Apr-2002 Matrix)Matrix scoop - from DarkHorizons
  8. (11-Apr-2002 Matrix)'Ali' Actress Filling Aaliyah's Role in 'Matrix 2' - from Veriety
  9. (09-Apr-2002 Billy Jack)Billy Jack is Back - from Variety
  10. (09-Apr-2002 Fringe)Marilyn Manson denies crash claim - from BBC News
  11. (06-Apr-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Reloaed - from Moviehole
  12. (06-Apr-2002 Sighting)Keanu's a hit in pub but not on pool table - from Daily Teleraph
  13. (05-Apr-2002 Dogstar)Dogstar will be in Thailand? - from Bangkoku Post
  14. (04-Apr-2002 Fringe)Marilyn Manson Sued in Woman's Death - from E! Online & AP
  15. (03-Apr-2002 Matrix)The fat boys are in town - from Sydney Morning Herald
  16. (02-Apr-2002 Matrix)Carrie-Anne Moss finished shooting Kung fu scene
  17. (02-Apr-2002 Matrix)Growing Moss Down Under
  18. (01-Apr-2002 Matrix)Smith's ability to multiply(****Spoilers***)
  19. (01-Apr-2002 Matrix)The Chinese extra hired - from Dark Horizons

  1. (Mar-2002 Interview)Keanu Reeves - from German Penthouse
  2. (21-Mar-2002 Matrix)Moss talks MATRIX progress - from Cinescape
  3. (21-Mar-2002 Fringe)Bad film awards named after Keanu Reeves - from Ananova
  4. (17-Mar-2002 Sighting)Time Lags on Matrix shoot - from Sydney Sun-Herlad
  5. (17-Mar-2002 Sighting)Sighting 1 - from Sunday Telegraph
  6. (17-Mar-2002 Sighting)Sighting 2 - from Sun-Herlad (Aus)
  7. (17-Mar-2002 Sighting)Sighting 1 - from Sun-Morning Herald
  8. (15-Mar-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Trailers report will be on 21th March? - from Coming Attractions
  9. (15-Mar-2002 Matrix)TNT Presents "The Matrix" Triple Play - from Zap2it
  10. (10-Mar-2002 New Film)What those involved in making of "Evil Dead" have done since - from
  11. (09-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Billy's excellent adventure - from The Guardian Unlimited
  12. (07-Mar-2002 Matrix) On Set with Matrix2 - from Empire Online
  13. (07-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Ooof! Pow! Keanu eyes `Billy Jack' remake - from Boston Herald
  14. (07-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Moviegoing Strong in 2001 - from NY Daily News
  15. (07-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu in a story 'written long ago'? -from SunTimes
  16. (07-Mar-2002 New Film)Keanu Reeves in Motorcycle Racing Pic?
  17. (06-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu Reeves in 'Billy Jack'? -from Chud
  18. (06-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu Reeves May Jack Into 'Billy' After Disconnecting from 'The Matrix'from CNN
  19. (06-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu Reeves May Jack Into 'Billy' After Disconnecting from 'The Matrix' - from Zap2it
  20. (06-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu to remake 'Billy Jack' - from Jam Movies!
  21. (06-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu Reeves to star in remake of 1970s film - from people
  22. (05-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)Keanu Reeves to star in remake of 1970s film - from Ananova
  23. (05-Mar-2002 Billy Jack)"Billy Jack" on way back with Keanu - from Reuters/Variety
  24. (04-Mar-2002 Matrix) Steve in line for sci-fi epic - from Daily Telegraph
  25. (03-Mar-2002 Matrix)Where to see the stars in Sydney - from Sunday Telegraph
  26. (03-Mar-2002 Matrix)Smiths talk MIB 2, MATRIX(*** Spoilers ***) - from Sunday Telegraph

  1. (28-Feb-2002 Matrix)A Weird Twist on Agent Smith(*** Spoilers ***) - Day 1 - from IGN FilmForce
  2. (28-Feb-2002 Matrix)Intel Developer Forum Spring 2002 - Day 1 - from AnandTech
  3. (26-Feb-2002 Matrix)(*** SPOLERS ***) - from Coming Attractions
  4. (26-Feb-2002 Fringe)Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss arrived at Tropfest
  5. (26-Feb-2002 New Film)Keanu Reeves and Denise Richards set for Euro road trip movie - from Ananova
  6. (24-Feb-2002 Matrix)Lachy Hulme taked about Matrix Sequles - from Movie Hole
  7. (24-Feb-2002 Hardball)Hardball DVD review - From The Seattle Times
  8. (20-Feb-2002 Hardball)Hardball DVD review - From SF gate
  9. (19-Feb-2002 Hardball)Hardball DVD review - From Canadian Press
  10. (19-Feb-2002 Old Interview)Enigmatic variations
  11. (16-Feb-2002 Fringe)William Gibson: Prophet of Cyber-Grunge
  12. (16-Feb-2002 Matrix)The summary of MATRIX explosion news
  13. (16-Feb-2002 Matrix)Belluci enters MATRIX - from Sci-wire
  14. (13-Feb-2002 Matrix)MATRIX sequels used the locations of original Matrix - from Dark Horizons
  15. (12-Feb-2002 Fringe)'Freddy Got Fingered' leads Razzie nominations with 8 - Ananova
  16. (12-Feb-2002 Matrix)MATRIX sequels release update - from Cinescape
  17. (11-Feb-2002 Matrix)Laurence Fishburne reveals Matrix sequel details - Ananova
  18. (11-Feb-2002 Fringe)Latest Hollywood script deals - Ananova
  19. (10-Feb-2002 Fringe)Brad Pitt offered chance to play himself in new comedy - Ananova
  20. (10-Feb-2002 Fringe)Brad Pitt offered chance to play himself in new comedy - Ananova
  21. (10-Feb-2002 Fringe)Brad Pitt to play himself - People News
  22. (8-Feb-2002 Matrix)Keanu is back - Today Tonight
  23. (8-Feb-2002 Matrix)The Matrix Cast Reloads - Access Hollywood
  24. (8-Feb-2002 Matrix)"Matrix 2" Story Details Emerge - 13th Street
  25. (8-Feb-2002 Matrix)Keanu on the set - Coming Attraction
  26. (5-Feb-2002 Matrix)Keanu on the set - Entertainment Tonight
  27. (4-Feb-2002 Fringe)Ophelia in Manitoba Theatre Centre - The Tront Star
  28. (4-Feb-2002 Fringe)Jellyfish the size of a peanut kills British tourist - The Times
  29. (4-Feb-2002 Matrix)Cameraman's now at home in Tinseltown - Sunday Times
  30. (4-Feb-2002 Matrix)Keanu puts us in the picture - Sunday Times
  31. (2-Feb-2002 Matrix)High-Tech Studio Plans to Close - from Technology - Associated Press
  32. (2-Feb-2002 Matrix)Honolulu studio shutdown hits 125 employees - from Variety/Reuters
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  34. (2-Feb-2002 Matrix)Boxer Roy Jones Says Acting is to Fight Boredom - from Daily Telegraph
  35. (2-Feb-2002 Matrix)More on MATRIX prequels, ANIMATRIX - from Cinescape
  36. (1-Feb-2002 Fringe)The funny Refeview of The Replacements- from The foot ball network(old!)
  37. (1-Feb-2002 Fringe)A funny Reference - from Calgary Herald

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  2. (31-Jan-2002 Matrix)The Matrix goes X-Rated? - from Matrix Online
  3. (27-Jan-2002 Matrix)French horror film meets Hong Kong action - from Reuter
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